Our Relationships

Our “Ideal” Client Profile

  • Character is critical, values are paramount.
  • A leader in family, business, and life. Makes it happen.
  • Makes informed decisions – is careful, but not hesitant.
  • Actively seeks and appreciates expert advice.
  • Likeable, a pleasure to work with.
  • Insurance/Estate Planning clients – net worth is $15 million to $150 million.

This list is not exhaustive. Net worth and investable assets are guidelines. About eighty percent of our clients fall within those parameters, and twenty percent outside.


For Advisors

The key to keeping estate and tax planning stress free is finding the right professionals. Al Gibbons is an expert in the life insurance field and works closely with other advisors who specialize in estate and tax planning. Together they work to provide a warm and comfortable environment for clients to learn.

Clients who have a team of advisors, benefit by having the best in their field of expertise working together to achieve a tax and estate plan in the best interest of the client. Your clients work hard to achieve all they have. Shouldn’t they know you and the other expert advisors brought to the table are working just as hard on their behalf to ensure the wealth they’ve acquired is pass on to their family and charities of their choosing, rather than to the IRS.


High Net Worth Individuals

For high net-worth planning, a solo practitioner is unable to provide the technical expertise, oversight and flawless implementation high-net-worth clients require. Experts chosen for an ad hoc team working on a specific case can implement better solutions faster than groups with a fixed roster of professionals. In addition to greater efficiency, ad hoc collaborative teams represent high ethical standards when delivering solutions to clients as individuals dispensing advice to their clients:

  • Investment advisors, trust and estate attorneys,
  • Insurance experts and wealth managers may offer
  • A range of top-quality services and products.

They may also exhibit up-to-the-minute knowledge of regulations and solution strategies. The problem is that their narrow slice of a client’s entire financial life does not lead to the comprehensive strategy and solutions typically required by these clients and their families. Even excellent work, if performed in a non-collaborative manner, does not serve the client’s best interests.