AEG’s Philosophy

Three Complexities Challenge People of Means:

  1. Their own valuesgoals and situation
  2. taxation
  3. product

The client’s values, goals and situation make each client truly unique. Smart clients understand that if the answers they choose do not match up with these, their course may be irrevocably altered towards an unwanted destination.

Taxation is complicated, if only because taxes are always debated, forever changing, and continually unpredictable.

Insurance products are changing faster than ever, but not always in substance. Insurance companies still rename and repackage old products with new wrinkles…and someone must make sense of it.

Our Clients Want Three Things:

1.) The Right Solutions… for the right problems.

Clients demand “custom made”. Boilerplate answers are fading fast from the landscape and clients won’t have them. Our clients know they are unique. They need and want timely solutions designed specifically for them.

2.) Trusted Advisors… whose primary task is to help sort through myriad choices and make the best decisions.

The advisor should be thinking “How can I better understand my client?” “How is this going to affect my client?” “Is this what they really want?” “Is it priced right for them?” “What more can I do to help?”

3.) Value-Added Service… exceeding the expectations of the client.

Helping people make personal decisions and improve their lives is the ultimate value added. It is more important for the client to ask who should I do business with, than what should I buy. What could the relationship look like ten years from now?

Professional service holds everything together for a client. Expertise, timeliness, understanding and just getting things done are all part of the advocacy that marks a professional firm. Whether all services are in house or client support teams are formed on an ad hoc basis to meet the client’s unique situation makes no real difference-as long as it is done and done right.

AEG Financial Services-We believe that professionals are people who do all the little things right the first time… every time. Are we perfect? No. Is this our standard? Yes. Every client team at AEG accepts this as its standard. Our clients profit from it.

AEG Financial Services…
positioning our clients for the future.