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Finseca: What comes around goes around – Charitable Remainder Trusts and Wealth Replacement Life Ins Return to Spotlight

“As part of their comprehensive legacy plan, clients who are charitably inclined, hold significant highly appreciated assets, and wish to create a lifestyle “annuity” should consider a CRT, especially if they can benefit from an income tax charitable deduction. Selling an appreciated asset inside a CRT may provide an economically superior result compared to selling the same asset in a client’s own hands, especially when done in conjunction with purchasing additional life insurance through an irrevocable life insurance trust (“ILIT”).”

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2021 Tax Outlook – The Biden Plan





“President Biden campaigned on a tax plan that would raise almost 4 trillion dollars – primarily by increasing taxes on individuals making more than $400,000 a year and raising the corporate rate. While the entirety of the plan is unlikely to become law this Congress it does provide a menu of policy options that Democrats in Congress will consider, especially once they turn to the forecast infrastructure and climate change bill expected this summer….What is likely to move forward, and what is likely to slip off the agenda?”

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Trust Modifications: Innovative Techniques for Outdated Instruments

Happy Thanksgiving to All:

“Although the grantor of an irrevocable trust surrenders the right to revoke the trust and amend its terms, the restrictions are no longer as limiting as they once were. Alternatives to judicial modifications abound. From nonjudicial settlement agreements to new trends in decanting practices to innovations in modifications by consent, clients, trustees, and beneficiaries have many potential avenues for modifying an irrevocable trust to accomplish their legacy planning goals.”

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