Finseca (AALU): “The Nongrantor ILIT: A Discussion”

The Washington Report: – Wealth Transfer Edition

“As Congress and the Biden administration continue to consider the grantor trust rules, some practitioners have turned their attention to the little-used nongrantor irrevocable life insurance trust (“ILIT”) as a planning alternative.  The ILIT, one of the most commonly used legacy management tools, is typically established as a grantor trust for income tax purposes for many reasons but the most important being the ability to use the trust income to pay life insurance premiums.  The nongrantor ILIT is possible but not ideal.  In most situations, the grantor ILIT will remain the preferred structure.  However, it is possible to structure the ILIT as a grantor trust from the outset and allow for a future toggling-off of grantor trust status to manage possible changes in the law.”

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