Finseca (AALU): Buy-Sell Agreements in Light of Connelly Part 2: Redemption Buy-Sell Agreements and Life Insurance Proceeds

The Washington Report: – Wealth Transfer Edition

“Valuation appears to be trending within the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) these days: insurance policy valuations, CCAs regarding GRATs, charitable planning targeted, and now the Connelly case.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit found that the value of life insurance proceeds funding a redemption buy-sell agreement should be included in the value of a closely-held business for estate tax purposes, changing conventional thinking.  Business owners should consider a cadence of regularly reviewing their buy-sell agreements. These are living, breathing documents. If their buy-sell agreement happens to be a redemption agreement, the economics should be reviewed assuming the same treatment as the Connelly case. It may be that these buy-sell agreements are woefully underfunded, triggering an audit of their life insurance plans. And if the owner has an agreement in place, they should follow it to the letter, not set-it-and-forget-it.”

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