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What You Know and What You May Not Know

What You Know:  We Just Dodged the Defective Grantor Trust Bullet (or did we?)

What You May Not Know:  It Is Still Important to Consider Hedging Re-Introduction of DGT Provisions

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Forbes – “‘Mathing Out’ Estate Tax Planning Strategies” by Alan Gassman




“Well-meaning advisors and their studious clients are not always running the numbers to help ensure that the strategies and techniques they are using will provide the best-expected results….We have found from years of experience that there is no substitute for taking out a calculator or spreadsheet and reviewing the most probable scenarios (as well as possible or unexpected situations) to determine the expected and non-expected outcome of any given technique in order to produce the most accurate map possible of the estate planning territory.”

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Defined Value Clauses: An Important Tool for Turbulent Times

 WR marketplace 

“As the 2020 presidential election approaches, uncertainty continues regarding the potential for tax legislation and changing market conditions, causing many to consider using current transfer tax exemptions with gifts before year-end.  Individuals planning to transfer hard-to-value assets may wish to consider using a gift agreement with a defined value clause to shield against unwanted gift tax consequences.”

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AALU: “Collaboration Among Advisors When Buying Life Insurance Is Essential” (My Favorite Topic)

“The purchase of life insurance products and their implementation into a client’s broader legacy planning strategy requires clients to navigate through a complex web of financial and cashflow management strategies, transfer tax considerations, and tax reporting obligations that must be approached differently on a client by client basis.  Failure on the part of advisors to work together can result in avoidable planning gaps, most notably: (1) inability to fund premium payments on a sustainable basis; (2) inefficient use of lifetime estate, gift and GST tax exemption; and (3) poor product maintenance leading to negative outcomes.”

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Year-End Planning Considerations

“As 2020 approaches, year-end planning considerations for clients include: 
(1) making use of temporarily higher transfer tax exemptions; (2) managing market gains in 2019; (3) planning to take advantage of continued low interest rates; (4) closing life insurance transactions; and (5) monitoring developments in generational split-dollar.”  

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Forget Something? Make Sure to Change Life Insurance Beneficiaries Post-Divorce

“Typically, after divorce, individuals no longer want their former spouses to receive life insurance death benefits. In many cases, the terms of the policy and/or applicable state laws will automatically revoke the designation of a former spouse as a life insurance beneficiary, but this is not always the case.” 

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NAEPC Webinar: “How Collaborative Teams Work and Why They Are Essential For High Net Worth Clients


Wednesday, February 12, 2014
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET

“How Collaborative Teams Work and Why They Are Essential For High Net Worth Clients”
Expertise offered by:
Albert E. Gibbons, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP® (Distinguished) / AEG Financial Services
Program moderated by Paul S. Viren, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP®

About the program:

The more complex the wealth, the more sophistication is required of each advisor. It is not possible for one individual or even one firm to have the ability and skill to advise regarding investments, taxes, wealth transfer, business succession, risk management, family wealth issues, valuations, philanthropic strategies and the interrelationship between them all. This presentation will focus on how to form and focus superb estate planning teams that will serve the best interests of clients.

About the speaker:

Al Gibbons specializes in estate planning and life insurance planning for high net worth individuals, high-level corporate executives, and successful entrepreneurs. He works closely with professional tax advisors (attorneys, accountants, and trust officers) designing and implementing sophisticated life insurance strategies to help solve their clients’ unique estate protection needs. Creator of The 80/20 Estate Plan™, Al Gibbons’ expertise emphasizes an effective estate planning process that results in clients taking action and achieving the desired results. A talented thinker, speaker, and writer, he has achieved a national reputation and is sought after to explain what he does and why it is so effective. He is a Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table and the prestigious Top of the Table. Al is an active member of the Forum 400, the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting, and Philadelphia Estate Planning Council.

This program is suitable for all levels of knowledge.

REGISTER HERE or online at

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